ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: How do you start your day with Gong?

  • 21 July 2022
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How do you start your day with Gong?


Tell us how! 


Respond to the thread below with your best-kept secret about how you use Gong to uplevel your AE game.


This contest is officially closed — but you can still share your tips and tricks with the Gong Community in the thread below! 


The first 5 people to respond with top-quality tips or best practices will win some exclusive vintage Gong swag. (Remember our old logo? Want it in your closet?)


And…one lucky winner will get 30 minutes on Gong’s Head of Content Strategy Devin Reed’s calendar AND a feature on our LinkedIn page.


Here’s how to participate: 

  1. Write up a quick post (about a paragraph) about how you use Deals to support your coaching initiatives. You can also record a video, write a song, or get creative!

  2. For a second entry

    1. Click the three dots on the bottom right hand side of your post and hit “Link to URL” 

    2. Share your best practice with the link to your post and the hashtag #MyGongSecret on your LinkedIn. 


Submissions will be accepted until this Friday, July 29th at 12:00 AM CT, but if you want that vintage Gong swag, we don’t recommend waiting. 😉

3 replies

As a salesperson who has been fortunate to work in multiple environments where Gong was a part of the tech stack, I have seen many inventive and unique ways to leverage the platform to better interact with and understand all the conversations that drive your deals. One specific practice that has benefited my sales practice and process the most is searching through my calls to find specific emotional cues that uncover true feelings my prospect has either about their pain, the sales process, or product fit/proof of concept. Sometimes I will search the call transcript for specific words, like “wow”, “perfect”, and “amazing” (or even the inverse like “impossible”, “frustrate/ing”, “annoy”) that indicate feeling or associated emotion; others I will search for body language, physical cues, long or potentially significant pauses on their end, or if there’s an audience of 2 or more, any signs that there could be miscommunication or disagreement internally on the prospect’s side. 


Not only does this insight aid in understanding my current conversations but similarly help me better speak in future conversations to what is important to prospects. If I notice a certain topic across multiple calls or conversations regularly doesn’t generate much emotional appeal, I may need to reconsider how I’m communicating the topic or even look at adjusting the medium in which I discuss that. Inversely as well, any topic that shows a pattern of inciting feeling, makes an emotional connection, or triggers some type of positive social cue, becomes something that I want to i) make sure this is a topic covered as often as possible when applicable, and ii) share with my team and org, as this is likely something with significance to all or most prospects and customers (worth noting that this is very easy to do via comments and #tagging on calls to filter and search through later).


Can’t thank Gong enough for how it helps me be a better seller!

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@Justin Benton WOW this is EXACTLY what we mean when we say “unlock reality.” This is such a great use case for Gong. Thank you so much for sharing! Gong swag coming your way! 

Thanks, Molly! You and everyone at Gong absolutely rock. Appreciate the feedback and greatly looking forward to both the swag and the Gong community’s best tips!