Topics - Level Up Live Recap

  • 10 December 2021
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Topics - Level Up Live Recap
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During this Level Up live, we demonstrate the value that Gong’s AI & ML can provide to your business.

As a recap, here is what was discussed in the session:

  • A Gong Customer’s story of success using Topics to increase win rates

  • Demo of Topics in the platform

  • How Topics can help your business

  • Next steps!

Below you’ll find a link to the recorded session, a list of questions that came up, and some available resources for getting started! 


Click here to watch the recording in the Academy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Topic?

A: A Topic is simply how a person shapes their conversation, and the collection of topics they put it into a conversation is how they structure that overall meeting. And since our AI & machine learning algorithm identifies patterns and trends in common talk tracks across your organization, Topics are unique and specific to your company. 


Q: Where can I see Topics?

A: Reviewing a Call, Calls page, Team > Stats page, Account, and Whisper.


Q: How they are different than Trackers?

A:  Below are the differences:

  • Trackers are specific terms you define that you want to track.

  • Topics are subjects covered in a meeting identified by Gong’s AI & Machine Learning.


Q: How is the main topic calculated?


  • Out of all the times any topic is mentioned, the main topic is mentioned at least a certain percentage of the time. The percentage is determined by Gong on a per-company basis.

    Example: If a call has a total of 10 minutes where specific identified topics were discussed, and "set up" was discussed for a minute, the longest time spent on any specific topic in the call, then "set up" is flagged as the main topic.

  • If more than one topic is mentioned more than the required percentage, the topic with the highest percentage is considered the main topic.


Q: What should be my next steps?

A:  Watch the recording and use the resources below to learn more about Topics.  Then, talk with your Gong CSM to implement a cohesive strategy utilizing Topics effectively and to leverage Topic data for insights via our Whisper Analysis.



Available Resources: 


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@Melissa Michaud @Andrew Favro @Stacy S @Jessica Starr 

Hi folks! Thought you might find this training on Topics led by our awesome Education team member @Mark Banuelos interesting. Let me know what you think! :relaxed: