Share your experience with the Women in Revenue Meetup and get a book!

  • 6 June 2022
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Hello Ladies!


@Katrine Reddin and I are excited to host the next Women in Revenue Meetup on 6/24 - hope to see you all there!


In the meantime we have a little giveaway for you 🙌


At the last meetup, we very briefly talked about a quote from  “Machiavelli for Women” - and we want to give you a chance to get a free copy of the book on us!


*We hope to discuss the book a bit on the next meetup: for a bit of a teaser, here’s an excerpt:


“Power is an interesting concept. Although it is the main focus of Machiavelli's book, he never explicitly defines it. So what is it? What is this thing Machiavelli is obsessing over?


Power doesn't exactly have the best reputation. Say the word and it conjures up images of men in expensive suits behind giant desks, screwing over investors; General Patton barking at a bunch of faceless troops that America will not tolerate a loss; the Eye of Sauron crushing little Frodo. Power has become, I think, synonymous with the ability to force people to do things. If someone is described as being power-hungry or drunk on power, it is not a compliment (at least, not for most people. Maybe for Sauron).


I don't think "power in the way we commonly think of it is what most women want: The ability to crush underlings is not a life goal for most well-adjusted people. But that does not mean women aren't interested in power. I think what women want in the workplace has a lot more to do with the original meaning of the word. Its original Anglo-French root, poeir, means "to be able". I think that's a very useful definition. Power means being able to do things, to have agency and be the masters of our own fates. Women in the workplace want to be able.”


To get a copy, we are doing a little Linkedin social sharing competiton: 


Three steps:

  1.  Create a post sharing about your experience with the Gong Women in Revenue Meetup
  1. Tag both @Katrine Reddin and me (Ashley Coghill) 
  1. Provide the link to the registration for the next one (yes probably in the comments)


We’ll send you a copy of the book :)


It doesn’t have to be super long and you don’t need to mention the book at all, just share a takeaway or experience you’ve had on a meetup, add the link and tag us and you’re in!


I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again this month and more to come soon!

2 replies

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For all of you ladies who have attended a Gong Community Meetup for Women in Revenue — share your experience on LinkedIn and get some free goodies sent your way!

Everyone who shares will get a copy of the book (and maybe a few other fun surprises from Gong too 😉).

Excited to see you all at our next meetup! @Cheryl Donahue @Lindsey Fine @Nicole Gdanietz @Sara Conde @Gwyneth Lang @Jackie Retig @Ashley Fordham @HL_BrittChytakh @Yvonne Anders @Cwillenzik5 @drstacey 

Sorry I missed it! Looking forward to meeting with you all soon :-)