SALES DIRECTORS: What are your Deals best practices?

  • 21 July 2022
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What are your Deals best practices?


Share them with us!


Respond to the thread below with your best-kept secret about how you use Deals for coaching.


This contest is officially closed — but you can still share your tips and tricks with the Gong Community in the thread below! 


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Here’s how to participate: 

  1. Write up a quick post (about a paragraph) about how you use Deals to support your coaching initiatives. You can also record a video, write a song, or get creative!

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    1. Click the three dots on the bottom right-hand side of your post and hit “Link to URL” 

    2. Share your best practice with the link to your post and the hashtag #MyGongSecret on your LinkedIn. 


Submissions will be accepted until this Friday, July 29th at 12:00 AM CT, but if you want that vintage Gong swag, we don’t recommend waiting. 😉

7 replies

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I use the deal board with my team to help coach and ensure we are staying on top of deals and nothing is falling through the cracks. We use the next steps section to ensure every deal has a next step scheduled and if there is not one talk through why we weren’t able to schedule a next step and how we can improve that and discuss ways to get a next step on the calendar. We also use te warnings to know any risks associated with the deals and use those to frame our follow ups. Using the next step section and warnings have helped coach ways to stay on top of deals and ensure we are talking through everything with prospects to lead to more sales. 


The number one thing that we have found is creating a culture where employees see the tool as a benefit, rather than something that is punitive. Highlight the calls that went well, let the employees weigh in on what they did well and look for learning opportunities that exist even in the great calls. Secondarily, find ways to reward employees who want to get better and are willing to send calls for feedback. Let them know it’s ok to try something new and fail as long as they are able to learn from the experience. When team members have a safe space to ask for feedback, that is where we have seen the most growth.

I use the deal board every week as part of my forecast call & pipe review!


We use SPICED as our deal diagnostic framework, and we (read: Christina who is awesome) mapped those fields from our Hubspot onto our deal board.


Each week, I have my team walk through SPICED, next steps, and forecast category for the month, then provide their rolled up forecast #s for the month & quarter. We can marry this with the data Gong tracks around multi-threading activity, and stage timestamps to provide a succinct, reality-based view of each opp.


This workflow is super helpful for pattern recognition & pressure testing. Gong’s deal board makes my pipe review SO much more productive.

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@Kayla Kuzer next steps are SO important — love how you use Gong to help plan those out with your team!

@Jacob Walker this is 🔥. Love that you called out how Gong helps you identify pattern recognition. That is such an underrated superpower.

Be on the lookout for a message from me with some Gong swag for you both!

One thing I do is have a meeting with my team once a week where we break down one of their calls. We call it the team “Gong of the Week.” It serves a coaching session, as well as a deal review. The team loves it.

I love the call-outs already made and will second a few of those. We too have added Next Steps from our CRM into the deal boards for a narrative context point to some of the metrics that are standard as part of the deal board. We tend to think about our months in two-week “sprints”, and as we talk about deals we are chasing as part of a team stand-up, we can look at the rep’s next steps, any warnings present, and the engagement visualization to determine if a deal is truly likely to close within the committed period as a gut check.


One additional item that we’ve found really valuable in 1:1s are the flags around “not enough contacts” and “deals stalled in stage” to help drive where I can get involved with deals in a team-based sell with the team. Identifying places where we can level up and stakeholder map to other people in the prospect’s org can help our deals moving and help drive more engagement in partnership with our reps.



Being data obsessed, I love the access to insights that Gong provides. It allows me to shift focus from results to the HOW, impacting the BPS, Behaviour, Process, Skill.

My favourite tip is to embed the Deal section into my and my team's daily reviews. This allows us to proactively impact the quarter end before it is quarter end :)  From the deal section I get a full top down view of my business while at the same time able to pivot into bottoms up and coaching with ease. From pipeline review to deal warnings, activity insights and updating Salesforce, I can do it all from here. I can even go down to e-mail and call level for proactive coaching.

Thank you gong for supporting me as a business leader to focus my energy on insights, coaching and feedback to enable top talent strive for even better while driving growth and strategy.