What does winning sound like to you? 🏆

  • 28 January 2022
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What does winning sound like to you? 🏆
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You know how good winning feels. But how does it sound??


This video on the Gong LinkedIn page has me feeling super hyped and wondering what winning sounds like to you.



To me, it sounds like Alex Toussaint saying "Feel good, look good, do better!" as I finish a super hard Peloton ride. 😆


I also loved this comment from Caleb Norris on that LinkedIn post:

"It's that random interrupting "YES" when you're on a training call, and you look up to see one of your SDRs fist pumping because they just had a prospect agree to a demo! It never gets old!"


So...what does winning sound like to you?? 

7 replies

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Tagging in some newer Community folks to kick this thread off 🥳


@Martin Reichenbach 

@Nick Hatley 


@David Hagberg 

@Delila House 

@Jackie Sehr 

Plus @Nisha Baxi (not a new community member, but I’m curious anyway 😉)

👏🏾 How can winning sound like anything other than a GONG! But maybe I’m just a tad bias, @Molly Kipnis

For me, it was always the sound of applause! Nothing warmer than having your team, full of people that you admire celebrating your win.

@Tainah couple the applause with some hollering :) 

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I would say applause, but the ching-ching always sounds good as well!  

@Delila House both very rewarding sounds! 

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Yes @Delila House!! 💰