How Gong Uses Gong: "X-Ray Vision" for risk assessment and launching strategic initiatives

  • 20 January 2022
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On today’s episode of Gong on Gong, Mid-Market Manager of Customer Success @Devon Kirschmann  shares how she:

  1. Uses Gong + Gainsight to rapidly and efficiently assess risk for effective 1:1s
  2. Launches strategic initiatives from rollout to impact validation. 

This is one you’ll definitely want to read (and if you’re a Gong customer, make sure to watch this super-detailed video!)


 Fun fact about Devon: Her life is consumed by her precious french bulldog named Remy. 🐶 


Devon’s challenge: 


Removing redundancy, having impactful meetings, and ensuring that milestones with customers are focused on moving them forward in that maturity.


Devon’s superpower:


X-ray vision. 😎 "I can see through the noise in the fluff to quickly identify risk, arm myself with the right context, and game plan with my team." 


Devon’s workflow for risk assessment


  1. Get up to speed on where her accounts stand. “This enables me to focus my 1:1's on the path forward versus reflecting on the past.”

  2. Leverage tools harmoniously without duplicating efforts. "I leverage Gainsight to determine the “who” and the “why”, then validate in Gong the “what” and the “how".

  3. Ensure that the team is focused on quality, and not quantity. "I use Gong to ensure that my CSMs are having the right touchpoints at the right time that will move customers up and to the right."


Key takeaway 

Leverage the Account Page for Risk Validation and quickly get up-to-speed. Ask yourself: 

  • What does our executive sponsorship or leadership alignment look like? 
  • Have we had a business review?


Devon’s end-to-end playbook on launching strategic initiatives 


  1. Identify and create scorecards for your milestones 

  2. Create a certification path and have each of your CSMs record a certification with their peer.

  3. Create excitement and generate great examples for ongoing enablement and learning with a SPIFF.

  4. Measure impact by spot-checking in the Gong Calls page to ensure your team is adopting your new process.

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