How Gong Uses Gong: Using a Renewals Deal Board to Strategize and Drive Value with Customer Account Executives

  • 12 January 2022
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On today’s installment of Gong on Gong, Customer Success Manager Claire Malik shares her secret sauce for bringing in her largest renewals!


Read on (or if you’re a Gong customer, watch this video!) to learn more about how Claire prioritizes her renewals, uses Gong to get behind the scenes of all her account conversations, and determines how she plans to proactively work with her CAEs to close deals.


Fun fact about Claire: she lived abroad twice in her early twenties despite never having traveled out of the country before!


Claire’s challenge: 

Staying organized and strategizing on large accounts given how many contacts she has to manage. 


Claire’s superpower: 

Understanding how to help her Customer Account Executives identify growth opportunities by listening to recent engagements in Gong so that she can tactically support them. 


Claire’s workflow:

"I start off in my renewals deal board and prioritize my largest renewals. Next, I look to see if there are warnings associated with the account, and then dive into the activity to see the email correspondence. I get all of this information within a matter of minutes without having to bug my Customer Account Executive for an update so that we can use our time spent together on strategy rather than focusing on status updates."


Claire’s advice: 

"I recommend that any Customer Success Manager who partners with Sales on upsells or renewals build their very own deal board and spend just five minutes each day to make sure no renewals or upsells fall through the cracks. This will help you be more proactive, strategic, and efficient and your role."

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Tagging in some CSMs and AEs for thoughts and feedback!

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CSMs: How do you use Gong to stay on top of your large accounts when it’s time to renew or upsell?

AEs: How do you parter with your CSMs to manage your upsells and renewals?