Come join us! The Gong Community Meetup for EMEA on 16th June 2022

  • 7 June 2022
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Hey y’all - come join me and @Elin Hammenfors as we continue our series of the EMEA Gong meetup.

Whether you're a Raving Fan or prospect, you're invited to joinus, and the wider Gong EMEA community as we discuss all things connected to Revenue Intelligence, including:

  • Making the most of Gong in your revenue org (and ensuring your stack is giving you great ROI)
  • Convincing senior leadership & getting executive buy-in (for Gong or any other tech)
  • Encouraging and fostering a coaching-led culture (using Gong or in any other form)

But in reality NOTHING is off-topic. It's a 45-min call, with usually 6-12 participants, meeting up virtually to chat & provider a peer-to-peer support group.

The format will vary slightly with each call but we welcome & encourage active participation and paying it forward.


3 replies

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cc @Molly Kipnis @Nisha Baxi 

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@Vinit Patel this is going to be AWESOME! Excited to get the gang back together for another EMEA meetup 😊


@Leon Hassid @Aurel Laor @Bastian Stosic @David Kandel @Ophir Sprinzak @Aryeh Abramowitz @Paola Londono @Mark Shed @Emily Capleton @Marco @Maggie @Guysni @Viktorija @Jenna Caffrey @Owen Pickrell 

Would absolutely LOVE to see you all here! Feel free to share any topics/questions you’d like to discuss here in the comments. 

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Hi all, gutted I missed this one, hoping to join future EMEA meet ups :)