Q4 Product Buzz Live Recap

  • 16 December 2021
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Thank you to our raving fans who joined us for our last Product Buzz Live of 2021! To keep the excitement and conversation going, we wanted to provide a quick recap of some questions we received during the session. Take a look, and then refer back to this resource as you start to utilize Gong’s awesome new features! Miss the live Product Buzz? No worries! We’ve got you covered! Here is the recording of the full session!


Can you set the requirement for viewers to identify themselves org wide?

Yes, you can! That option lives in the Data Protection & Privacy settings area right below where you set the default and max share period. 


Are you able to save these insights + their filters to refer to again and again?
CRM filters won’t stick on the insights page.  You can, however, apply a saveable filter across an entire deal board by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the deal board > Edit Board 


Could you define multithreading as it relates to insights?

Multi-threading means building relationships with multiple stakeholders within your deal. It’s an approach that top salespeople use in every deal to build momentum and strengthen their influence.

It turns out the data is pretty straightforward: On average, winning deals have at least 3 people from the buyer’s side included in meetings across the sales cycle while losing deals often struggle to get more than one point of contact to attend their meetings.

Read more on on our Gong Labs post here!


Can we add our own filters into deal insights or is it only the 5 that are listed on the left? 

You can sync virtually  any CRM field  (ie., product SKUs, custom fields, etc.) in Company Settings to make them available as  filters on the Insights page. However, there are 6 variables/insights currently available: Contact Insights, Power in deal, Deal duration, Deal size, Number of calls, and Competitor mentions. We're exploring additional insights, as well! Stay tuned! 


Are competitor mentions for Deal Insights using competitor trackers? 

Yes! This insight pulls competitors from your Competitor tracker. You’ll want to make sure the tracker is configured.


Can we watch the recordings on our mobile app?

Yes!! Get the most of Gong when you're on the go. Download calls and listen to them whenever and wherever you want, even when you're at the gym, hiking, or flying. Now you can complete scorecards for your reps on the go, as well. Download the Gong app from the Apple App store or Google Play store. 


Can you create your own questions for scorecards?

Absolutely! Check it out in our help article herePlease note that you can only create scorecards on the web version of Gong.


What are streams?

Streams allow you to automatically filter, collect, and organize relevant conversations in your Call Library in real time. Calls are queried and added to a stream based on criteria you establish. You can then tailor the content and notify teams or individuals whenever new conversations are added.

Rules can be based on words, trackers, call titles, or any other call-filtering criteria, with the exception of comment-related filters like hashtags since these are retroactive. Learn how to create streams here.


For personalized streams it says it will show you or your team calls that match x filters. How does Gong determine if it will show a rep their calls or them & their team calls? 

As you create streams, you will set up filters of what calls you want to filter.  One of those options is to filter by a certain team, or host.  So, if you set up a stream to filter calls you host, those would be the ones you would see in that stream.


Can Gong Assists get pushed to Salesforce? 

Gong does not have the ability to push assists to Salesforce at this time. 


Why can't I see when the next step is scheduled and accepted on the calendar further than 14 days out? 

We are looking at expanding this timeframe! Stay Tuned!

When will we have the ability to record calls on MS Teams in Gong? Lots of Government contracting teams. Are we limited to Zoom only? We actually do support organizations using a number of other web conferencing providers. Check out this help article here.I recommend reaching out to your main Gong admin to  see if they can enable recording for MS Teams conversations.


Can a manager see the assist suggestions for all those on their team so they can make sure everything is being handled? 

Assists are currently only visible to the respective user, but this is a great feature enhancement. We will get that submitted! 


Will the consent page be available for Cisco Webex in the near future?

The recording consent page is available for Webex now. However, Dynamic links are currently only available for Zoom and Google Meet.  You can learn more about the differences here.


Is the Clari/Gong integration available now? 

Yes! Learn more here.


Where do I change the settings for the recording consent page? You can change your settings by going to Company Settings (dropdown in top right of your screen) and clicking on Recording Consent.


Are you guys planning to add some gamification features within Gong? You have all the data so it would be great to have it available! 

We do have integrations that allow for gamification, but nothing native currently.


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@Tony Hallaq @Matthew Greathouse @Louis L. @Kevin Lim @Doyle Slayton 

Hey folks!

Wanted to tag you here because I thought you might find this Q4 Product Buzz recap helpful in case you missed the live session or just wanted to learn more about the updates we made this quarter.

Cheers! :slight_smile: