Program Manager Launch Certification: Share Your Goals

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(Hi! You’ve reached a topic specifically for folks participating in the Program Manager Launch Certification. If you’re a Gong Program Manager and would like to learn more about getting certified, please click here!)


Hello Program Managers – welcome to the Gong Community! As we talked about back in the Academy, being Gong certified means that you’ll visit the Community regularly to connect with other Gong users, help answer questions about Gong, learn from each other, and share your own ideas and best practices. 


Another awesome aspect about the Community is that it connects you and other Gong customers directly with Gongsters (i.e., the folks who work at Gong). We pop in all the time to share news, answer questions, provide tips and tricks, and participate in the conversations our customers are having.  


To that end, your first assignment for your Launch Certification is to answer at least one of the following questions:

  1. What is at least one thing you want to learn during the Program Manager Launch Certification? 

  2. What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified?

  3. What is one take away you’re hoping to gain from the Program Manager Launch Certification?


(If you want to answer more than one, that’s okay—feel free to share as much as you’d like!)


Congrats on tackling the first of your Community assignments! Feel free to pop back over to the Gong Academy when you’re finished to keep learning. :) 

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My goal and takeaway are to understand and learn the best way to set up Gong for my organization.  How the tool is set up will impact adoption and change management.  It is not just today to get it to launch, but how we can benefit from the launch setup for future maintenance and adjust to any organizational changes.


My goal in getting certified is to solidify my current Gong knowledge and become a Gong SME. 
I hope to learn not only on how to be an expert technical admin and how to set things up, but also hope to learn best practices for different use cases and roles.


Hello everyone, I’m Mf and I just started a new role as a Sales Enablement Program Manager. I’m excited to learn all about Gong, so far it seems like an awesome tool!

  1. What is at least one thing you want to learn during the Program Manager Launch Certification? I want to know the “ins and outs” as I’ll be supporting our Sales team.

  2. What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified? Same answer as question 1 :)

  3. What is one take away you’re hoping to gain from the Program Manager Launch Certification?  I want to be proficient and comfortable so I can not only leverage the tool but also help guide our team. 


Greenshades Software implemented Gong several months ago, however we’re only using a fraction of the tool’s capabilities. As a new Sales Enablement Manager, I want to learn how to use trackers and call logs to create a reference library for our sales team, allowing them to win more and stay on top of every opportunity.

I want to become the subject matter expert for Gong, offering training during onboarding and ongoing support to our organization. I look forward to understanding the reporting aspects in Gong and seek to provide efficient, trustworthy statistics to sales management, allowing them to maximize coaching opportunities and grow the sales team to its full potential. 

I’d like to learn the mechanics of our integrations with Gong. My goal is to become a Gong SME for my org, and I’m hoping it will enable me to train and support others at my company moving forward.

I’d love to understand what many on a daily basis outside of technical issues with Gong, and hope that this certification will help me to become much more proficient with Gong.

Excited to be continuously learning the user and technical side of the Gong platform in hopes of helping community members with any questions they have!

My goal in getting Launch Certified is to gain a deeper understanding of how teams can use Gong most effectively and efficiently, so that I can then pass this knowledge along to others in the community!

My goal in becoming Launch Certified is to fully understand the breadth of Gong’s capabilities, specifically the analytics we can measure, so that I can support adoption and create a strong coaching culture at Funnel. 😎

My goal is to learn how to use Gong to better assist the Sales team in managing their pipeline, looking for opportunities and providing them valuable insights.

I am excited to take this course and learn more about the opportunities we have using Gong. We are currently using Gong for our sales team but I believe we are not taking advantage of its full potential. I would love to have a better understanding of the overall workflow, as well as being able to provide support to the rest of the team. I also hope to share my experience with follow members of the community, in order to improve our overall performance. ​​​​​​


What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified?

I’d like to build the necessary skills for supporting our new users through the launch of Gong and beyond.


As a new hire to Gong, I want to further my knowledge- in particular focusing on best practices and use cases to share with future customers :) 

I also want a full understanding of what’s involved/ key learnings before recommending to my customers!

Looking forward to becoming Launch Certified! This is an incredible opportunity for me to gain more knowledge of the product, learn best practices and understand how to best utilize Gong for a variety of use cases. 

My goal as an operations manager is to understand the steps required to successfully launch Gong. To understand where customers might get stuck, need assistance or where our enablement and support team might better assist.